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Lavatera Counseling-
a safe,
trusting environment
for anyone seeking help and support
through trauma and grief.

Beth Alvarez, M.S.W., LCSW

Trauma Recovery

and Healing

Whether you find yourself struggling as a result of childhood trauma, incidental trauma, or relational trauma, it is a privilege to hear your story and speak into your life. The wounds of trauma often speak a language back to us that is limiting and unproductive. With the support of a trusting therapeutic relationship, our stories can be seen and known in a new light, one that values and benefits us

Becoming Mentally Healthy through what is Uniquely

Life Giving to you

Encountering trials that can cause personal suffering is common to all of us. Likewise, we can all benefit from additional support as we navigate difficult circumstances. It is my hope that through our work together you would become aware of your unique value and your strengths-

finding relief from anxiety, depression, and grief as you grow and find new

meaning to your story.

Faith and Spirituality


As someone with a strong faith,

I desire for others to live in agreement with who God is and the truth of what He says about us.  My hope is that my clients will live their lives with an accurate reflection of their value and worth, offering themselves the kindness of acceptance and self-compassion.

Teen and Family Counseling

Our relationships are some of our greatest influences and can have the greatest impact on our lives. We all live in unique family dynamics. My goal is to bring awareness, growth, and healing to your most vital relationships.

From navigating marital conflict to financial instability to the ups and downs of raising children into independent adults, I work to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and strengthen family bonds.

Beth Alvarez, LCSW

Just as the lavatera flower can be found blooming amongst dry soil, resiliently weathering adversity,  

I believe each one of us can draw from what is uniquely within us to weather the storms of life and create beauty on the other side of challenges and suffering.

I want to come along side of you offering support

as you make meaning of your story. 

My desire is to create a safe environment in which you feel comfortable sharing your story and exploring new ideas to assist in your growth and healing.






Lavatera flower bloom

As a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional II, I am familiar and comfortable working through many types of trauma. I partner with you to guide you through the path of trauma recovery. Utilizing evidence-based techniques such as EMDR and the Meadows Model Post Induction Therapy, you will be offered support as we look to discover new truths that are life giving and bring healing.

I consider it a privilege to work with you, therefore I prioritize your well being and I hold your story sacred. My goal is to provide a safe place in which you feel comfortable sharing your story and exploring new life giving perspectives.

We all have beautiful strengths and limitations since we are human.  Our identity is not determined by our situations or our struggles.  If you find yourself in a season experiencing feelings of depression, anxiety, grief, or loss, I can assist you in exploring fresh perspectives, ideas, and behaviors that can pave the way for a more balanced and fulfilling life based on who you truly are and what you hold valuable.

It is my desire to provide you with hope and healing! From my experience working with others facing difficult situations, my personal experience, as well as my faith. my commitment is to accompany you on your healing journey with compassion and dedicated care.

Lavatera flower bloom

When we are no longer able to change a situation-

we are challenged to change ourselves"

VIctor Frankl M.


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