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I want to welcome you to counseling.
I acknowledge you have taken a courageous step by reaching out for help. Just as the Lavatera flower blooms amongst rough terrain, I assure you that radiant beauty can spring forth from every aspect of your story.  I believe in partnering with you to resolve issues and facilitate healing so you can go live and enjoy your life!


Beth Alvarez is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Texas

I've always been drawn to listening to people's stories, aiming to understand their unique experiences. My journey in counseling began in the early 90s when I worked as a Child Life Specialist, assisting children and their families in adjusting to the hospital and their diagnosis.  I had the privilege of supporting young individuals and families dealing with depression, anxiety, grief, and loss. This experience continued as I worked with individuals and families, helping them make sense of their histories of trauma and abuse, which often had significant ripple effects on their relationships and overall quality of life.

As a clinician, my greatest desire is to create a safe, trusting environment for anyone seeking help and support. I sit with you, understanding the desire for change without always knowing the path to take. I recognize the courage and humility it takes to reach out for help. My goal is for you to find an authentic and secure environment to explore new thoughts, ideas, and behaviors that can positively impact your relationships, career, and life. Your life and your story are profoundly significant, and they matter. I believe in the empowerment of the individual and affirm that there is always hope for change.

See, I am doing a new thing!  Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?

I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.

Isaish 43:19

     My journey into a relationship with God began when I was much younger. While I had knowledge of God, it wasn't until I underwent my personal healing that I truly experienced God in a powerful way.  Tucked in Colossians 3:12 are the words "as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved." God used these words in my own life to help me understand the value, worth, and love He holds towards each one of us. I've learned that sometimes our circumstances may not change, but God can help us walk through any situation, knowing we are deeply loved by Him.

     My husband and I have been married since 2000, and together we have four children. I've experienced both the mountaintop moments and the deep valleys in marriage and parenting. I understand that as individuals, we navigate various roles and relationships that are ever-changing and evolving. Sometimes we need support during ongoing life changes and challenging phases. It's a great privilege for me to hear your story, speak into your life, and witness you discover the fulfillment and freedom that comes through healing.

     I am a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCPT I and II) and have full training in EMDR, as well as the Meadows Model Post Induction Therapy (PIT). Additionally, I've been trained to provide Critical Incident Stress Debriefings following traumatic events in people's lives and communities.

     My educational background includes a Bachelor of Science degree from Vanderbilt University with a major in Human Development and Child Psychology. I obtained my Master of Social Work from the University of Houston and am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the State of Texas.  I have had the privilege of training and working at places such as Johns Hopkins Hospital, Penn State Children's Hospital, MD Anderson Cancer Center, The ChildTrauma Clinic.

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